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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Lacking of Solvable Major Cause Mordern Society leads to the Stress World.

The Lacking of Solvable Major Cause Mordern Society leads to the Stress World.


What said and done only useful when help us to know and treat ADHD, Autism, Depression and Suicide, Homocide, Gunfire, Unknown root-cause diseases and  autoimmune diseases…. And know what is the hidden causes?
The world is spending half of it money: $ thousand billions on buying weapon for finding safety, certainty or peace. Then they spend $ thousand billions on medicine, luxury products, cars, villas for find the feeling of significance, recognition, importance, and they spend other $ trillions on medication, drug with the hope of sleeping well, relaxing, relieving, and enjoying the artificial comfort and happiness???
A stress moment can kill a student.

A stress moment can kill a banker
A stress moment can kill a CEO
A stress moment can kill a politician
They are strong but the severe stress moment can have affect all their life. It embed in their brain, cell, organ that we do not consciously know but the subconscious mind know that moment: smell, sound, noise, invisible signal then create the conditioned responses to it.
You see
Soldiers in ended 1950 are still under stress with any mild unwanted triggers.

Language, religions, accents, belief, behaviors, rituals, religions and funeral religions are the conditioned responses: you, your friend and partners have big differences in these: Will you dare to try to change with other people to enjoy their belief, rituals, and religions. Even the name of you and your dogs are results of Conditioned responses with languages. You like all of these because you have been conditioned, not you like and chose these. The process of conditioning are so well and silently that you may think you have the separation. You may die or sacrifice for the adopted assumption, belief, and religions. People are so ignorant that people in one family, community, region, district, class, city, countries are fighting for the changing opinions.

"No disabilities, no mental illness, no murderer are born. Only healthy babies, all doctors, physicians and medical test said that. Only angel babies are born, all parents, adults said that"
They live in stress, eat in fear, sleep in anxiety, playing in boring safe side, wear luxury clothes in discontentment, study with pressure, and sexing with contempt. They never find the real joy, happiness.
Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone. And happy chemicals: Endorphin, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin; these chemical secreted in the body according to state of mind. If an individual changes the state of mind, they may change the chemical in body. Chronic Stress people may get serious side effect of Stress chemicals. List the effects, and side effects on the medical books we know the results of stress on the body.
-         Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,
-         Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin
-         Less serious side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,
-         Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, Symptoms of pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate
Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying.  

-         "Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid"
-Kelly Clarkson: because of you-
Value of character, adjective of character: Discontented men react to good unwanted things discontentedly. Contented men conditioned responses to response contentedly to any unwanted things, problems, and challenges. He is ADJECTIVE character means he conditioned ADJECTIVE responses or he responses to thing adjectively.
Worst of all, he is intelligent but corrupt, means he finish well the corrupt works intelligent that no one until hundred years later.
Seeing a girl with college education screaming and running away when seeing a cockroach I understand the useless of  knowing, or formal education. Seeing a small brave girl ready to fight with a thief, a dog to protect her friends and understand the value of characters.
"All on one
One in all
Children is family
Family is nation
Nation is the world"

Dopamine: get a goal, finish a task, and achieve a purpose, finish a a job, win lottery: gambling, betting. Get hits, like or good comment on Facebook, Get good grade. When you find a big bargain in a buying, your purple widen. Excessive dopamine can increase the heartbeat, ventricular arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, ectopic heartbeats, Tachycardia, angina, palpitation, bradycardia, vasoconstriction, hypotension, hypertension, shaking or collapsing are listed on all pharmacology books.
When you are joyful or excited, you have Piloerection, Nausea, vomiting, Anxiety, Mydriasis – caused by dopamine.
- Endorphin: is the reward of labor.

- Serotonin: comes when you get close contact: skin to skin, kis, hugs, embracing, intimating acts. Or the feeling of belonging and significant. Dogs can make the owner have this feelings. When doing good, kind, and helping others. An act of goodness: the doer, the receiver and the watcher will have the feeling caused by this.
Dopamin and Serotonin is the chemical that all psychic medication used to increase in patients. All medications for depression aim at increasing these.
Lastly, chemical is oxytocin: sex, love, skin contact, and giving birth are high in this.
Scientists find that oxytocin may help autistic mice. they will do more research in future to apply on autistic child. They do not know that these happy chemicals are secreted when they treat well with each other with love, close contact, connection, supporting and trusting.
Using smart watches to know the emotion, thinking of people is the good suggestion by observing physical figures: heartbeat, blood pressure during the days, events, years and important Missions.
When people can sense the changes in the body with these chemical- it called Gut Feelings: tighten muscle, throbbing in head muscle, sweating or chill. It is there even we consciously know it or not as conditioned response with the environtment
How about fragile kid who is forming the immature brain in stress. Best of allis calm stress down by
1. Unconditional love:
2. Connection: people, animal, nature, parents;
3. Unstressed environment: happy, warm, cheering; then make them have
4. Ability to deal with facts of life - the fact that some people may think is big threat, problems, or danger.
Simple breathing meditation helps children better than medication in ADHD and Autism. Father said: “the day autistic child happy he will less overreact than stressful day.”
Realy realy good with meditation. It calms the mind and bring the mind to the body. Live in mindfulness by simple breath. Daniel Goleman the author of Emotional intelligence has told story of applying simple breathing meditation in elementary school in chaos areas. It works.
When you nervous, anxiety, people usually advice you to calm down and  breath slowly, deeply.

How to start:

Observe the body when breath in and out. Or stick a small object on the lower abdomen near then let the kid breath in and breath out with observing the moving of body
This kind of breath bring the mind of kid back to present. Kid does not have to live with the fear or stress of the past or future. When the mind at ease with body, the good chemical flush the brain and repair the defect in the brain. Zen masters are the mind master.
Cortisone in stress is to prepare the energy in glucose, high energy ready in the body for fight and flight, it reduce the function of immune system and all other organs. Chronic stress may exhausted the body and impair the organ.
Connect all effects, and side effect of cortisone, epinephrine and norepinephrine are described well in pharmacology books, so list them all down, it is the symptoms, severe outcomes of stressed people.
In psychology they overreact, want to be alone, and have abnormal behaviors: it is the instinct of the pain in stressful environment in the hope of find out safety for the self.
By Observing, parents can know the early symptoms or pattern of stress, unsafety in children since they are one week, one month or two month old or three months old babies to prevent earlier Autism, ADHD, Depression, Stomach problem and autoimmune diseases: diabetes, junior arthritis.
People are hysterical anxiety or they over react. They are anxious as a mother anxious when a stranger comes to her home, only her baby alone. She have to go the party for business, she will fear, overreact and do not want to eat at all. Even with needed normal activities like eating, vaccination can make them hysterical. Hysterical parents, hysterical men can destroy the whole society. Putting a cage of snake in the corner of your child's bed, you may sleep in stress, fear, screaming or overreact. Even you know that the cage is 100% safe.
Family is the only place where the enemies sleep share the same bed, they may sleep, eat, and enjoy in stress. The fact is all will sleep with the stress hormone very tired, terrible sleep: because they do not find trust or safety from the partner. It is devastating to both wife and husband. But the baby bear it all: infant with fragile, sensible brain. The immature brain is forming in stress.

When all are high, the organ may send the feedback signal to the brain to stop secreting hormones. The brain still wants to raise the level of preparation of the body to find safety in fight and flight, as the nation raises money to build weapon and army. The lower organs start to send the feedback to calm the mind and effects down to regulate blood pressure, blood glucose, and remain Biological homeostasis. Hysterical mind do not want that, Immune system obey the order of brain to attack the normal cells. Autoimmune diseases started, wars started, stress started.
Van D. Dao .(october,2017). Awaken You Wonderful We. KDP Amazon.…

Seasonal stress in developed world

The months of less stress in all developed countries is the summer holiday.
During summer holiday, children may not suffer much stress and boring at school from the study and test. They have time to go out and play. During this time, the rate of injuries is increased and teenage death is higher than other months.
Also do adults arrange free time same as school summer holiday for the whole family to go somewhere for holiday. The words relating with stress like “pain, anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue” searched on the internet from the United States drop substantially during national holiday and summer holiday.
During summer month, people suffer least stress so the rate of deaths per 100000 people reduced substantially in every countries compare with other months.
Look at the mortality % of yearly average in the countries: United States, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Greece, New Zealand, and Cyprus. Low in the summer holiday, the rise during autumn and get peak in the winter then go down in spring.

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (VIDEO): chorus of the good kids that parents do not knowFighting at school, work: No love - Eminem 

The pattern of monthly death of the group one: United States, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Greece, and Cyprus have nearly the same pattern of fluctuation of monthly deaths because they have the same summer vacation time around June to September. The death rate around these months: June to September is lowest in the years.

Luckily, the low stress in the summer vacation can affect to the death rate by comparing the monthly death rate of group one with group two. In the group two: Australian and New Zealand, they have the same pattern of death rate, but both countries have opposite pattern of monthly death rate compared with group one. It is because the time of summer vacation of Australian and New Zealand is from end of December to March. So that the death rate from December to March is lowest in the year, and death rate from May to September is the highest in the year.
The pattern of monthly death rate of these developed countries and the death rate and injury rate during the summer vacation tell us a lot about the pattern of stress in human society. It is the seasonal stress.

Furthermore, the peaks of death, suicide rate in America and all other developed countries are in the spring and autumn. These times are the times of important examination of students in schools and universities around the developed world.
Important fact is all the previous researches have failed to indicate the correlations of temperature, wealthy, longevity, standard of living, geographic factors with the fluctuation of death rate around the year.
Does the formal education are putting stress on children and stress on society is still an open question needed to answer in the future.
Young people committed suicide account for a big portion of suicidal number. Do these young people stress with the old education, money and reward culture?
Recording of death rate in the last ten centuries in Europe show that from 1000 to 1600, the death rate of summer, spring, and fall was always higher than the death rate of winter. Until the seventeenth centuries - time of the first industrial revolution - the death rate of winter started to over the death rate of summer, spring, and winter. Do formal education and lifestyle living of industrialization have any contribution to the monthly death rate?
There is the high number of people fail in the attempt of committing suicide. However, with the popular of using guns in some countries, the percentage failing in committing suicide by using gun to commit suicide is very rare. According the article “Gun control could save veterans' lives” of Perry Stein in, in 2006, the Israeli Defense Forces made a relatively simple policy change that required soldiers to leave their weapons at their bases when they headed home for the weekend. The result: a staggering 40 percent drop in the suicide rate among soldiers aged 18-21, according to a November 2010 study.
“All in one, one in all” normally, if the young kid stressed from problems arisen from family, school, society, and friend, parents and other will invisibly fall to stress too. Stress will degrade the health of all people day after day.
Cancer and stress from discontented mind in United States.
Seasonal stress
Look at geographic distribution of wealth, health, hygiene, social problems, health problems, mental problems in America, we will understand the illogical pattern of stress caused by the mind and condition living that affect to human beings.
The distribution of “food environment index” and “severe house problems” do not match with the mental problems, health problems, social problems, and teenage problems means that mean stress and mental state do not have direct correlation to the quality of food, eating, and physical living as most people assumed.
Stress month of America is the January and February because it is the time to pay the debt on credit card: the highest death rate and heart diseases. Financial burden is so heavy for them because they have over spent on the shopping season and black Friday before Christmas and New Year.

38. The hidden correlation

There is always the correlation between all events happened to people, society, countries and the world. The name of events, the description of the events, and the characters of events may not the same, but they all bear the same pattern. The pattern comes from the quality of the interaction of all creatures, beings and elements in it. There is no single separate people, self and, ego, and beings. The world is interdependent. We are inter-beings. The quality of our life dependence on the quality of the life and the quality of all people despite that we cognitively know about their existence or not. The world is mysteriously interdependent, the virtues, pace of nature, Tao, and principles are the hidden laws control the interdependent world; these are the core in the teachers of all great philosophers, great religious leaders, and great educators.
Each time, people commit cheating, violating virtues, or doing against principles, they may do not cognitively care about the behaviors. But their potential mind can sense the smell, sound, and images of danger or non-safety. Each time they commit mistakes, their unconscious mind will sense the threatening which destroy the satisfaction of their basic needs, they make their mind fall to the more and more state of stress. All the luxury covers, wealthy cannot compensate the weakness inside, cannot satisfied the hunger inside of a beings. The more they neglect, the bigger the stressed mind. The mind may be stressed because it understands the effects of the bad actions but it cannot send the message to the cognitive mind, cannot create gut feelings strong enough to catch the notice of cognitive mind, and it cannot stop the countless bad actions… Until no one can help them.

Do you want to try the feelings of danger and un-safety?
- Try to cheat someone for money.
- Try to pick pocket someone’s money
- Try to cheat in the exams
- Try to treat anyone

The Stressed World: the facts to show our problems
It is not cold, it is not heat, it is not flu but Seasonal Stress determine our life: Birth, Death Rate, Stroke, Month of Heart Diseases, Suicide, and so on
Americans are so much stressed after overeating, overspending and discontent with stressful work after the long holiday. So that the flu season in America is January and February. There are a lot of incidences of deaths, flu and strokes in the beginning of the year more than other month of the year. Even the weather of spring is better than the weather of winter.
· The incidences of death rates and heart diseases in The United States during the beginning of the year are significantly higher than other month of the year and similar to with other developed countries.
· Americans are so much stress with the burden put on them so that the month of heart diseases is the February.

American misery index of 2014 searched on the Google

Look at the daily misery index, 2014 by the key words searched on Google are depression, anxiety, pain, stress and fatigue. The fluctuation of the searches is also the fluctuation of stress in United States in 2014, retrieved from “The Google misery index: The times of year we’re most depressed, anxious and stressed” by Christopher Ingraham on The Washington Post:
- The searches rise in the spring and fall, ebb during the summer months, and drop sharply during holidays. Christmas is the least miserable days of the year, with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

Rhythm of stress during the week:
Peaks and valleys in the raw reflect the rhythm of the workweek. People are more stressed on weekdays, less so on weekends. Weekends are the best day of the week:
· Pain and anxiety peak on Mondays, these numbers suggest that people literally hurt more on Mondays or afraid of boring stressful work.
· Stress and depression is high on Tuesdays. Fatigue is high on Wednesday.
· Searches for all terms drop sharply going into the weekend and then edge back upward on Sunday.
· The gap between weekends and week days shrinks in the summer months (summer holiday): those peaks and valleys are a lot closer to each other in July than they are in March and April.
· The annual trend in searches for "seasonal affective disorder," we will find that these peak in December and January. But the broader terms like "depression," "anxiety," and "stress," all show a pronounced dip in December. It means that shopping, preparing, planning, waiting and expecting, and enjoying for the important and exciting days of the year make people happier than other day.
· At the daily level, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and New Year are all among the year's least-miserable or least stressed days.
· After long and expensive holiday has make people more frustrated with work, but they have to bear financial burden of over spending credit card for shopping season, black Friday, and the spending during holiday has make the people suffer the worst stress. These may be the trigger of the stress that they have suffered for the long time.
· Randomly, on Wednesday April 23th, 2014 the large upper-level of stress words searched were accompanying cold front draped across the Central United States on April 18. Formed April 15, 2016, and dissipated April 23th, 2016. With snowfall, ice accretion and rainfall near 51 cm around the Houston, Texas areas. Damage $ 2.7 billion. On 23th April 2016 was the highest search with the stress words.
· 4/7/2016 is the National Day of America. People enjoy and celebrate so the stress words search on Google is the lowest.
· Perhaps, people glad and treat well with each other on Valentine day, so the Saturday after valentine day of 2016, the the stress words search on Google is the lowest.
· Days on New Year, thanksgiving, and Christmas was the happiest day of American. So the stress words search on Google is the lowest
Researching the life of people with highest life expectancy, we will hardly find the proof for economy affect directly on longevity.
Jeanne Calment died at age of 122 years. Calment suggested that her longevity was to have credited her calmness, saying, "That's why they call me Calment." After her admission to the nursing home “Maison du Lac” in January 1985 at the age of 109, she initially had a highly ritualized daily routine whereby. Seated on her armchair she did gymnastics wearing her stereo headset. Her exercises included flexing and extending the hands, then the legs, and her caregivers noted that she moved faster than the other residents, who were 30 years younger, despite her blindness.
In nursing home:
Lack of love, lack of connection, lack of compassion make the old are more stress and do not have much enthusiasm in life.
According the statistic of length of stay in nursing homes at the end of life of the old, if the old come to the nursing home, the chance of the old living in nursing home is nearly zero percent. It means that if your healthy 60-year-old enter the nursing home, the chance for them to live to 70 years old are very rare let alone they can live to 78 years old as the USA life expectancy.
Length of stay in nursing homes at the end of life of the old is less than 120 months. Most of them died during the first six months and first thirty months.
Statistic show that the health of the old in nursing home have some relation with the love, caring and visit of their children, grandchildren.
There are stories that before the important day like national holiday, birthday and New Year, the death rate of the old reduce substantially. Perhaps, the hope, the wait and expectation the important event with reunion with their family members make them healthy enough to live.
Alarming the distribution of stress results all over the world:
It is lack of love, lack of connection, lack of ability, lack of understanding, and lack of compassion that cause people live with lack of guiding by virtues, lack of gender equality, misunderstanding phenomena and causes countless bad causes. Worst of all, everyday life is covered by greed, hatred, anger and ignorance, and lots of violence, contempt in interaction, lots of violence in the act of helping others.
Let look at the geographical global distribution of some factors by search on Google. Readers can easily search the articles and images on Google.
1. Age-standardized suicide rates per 100000 populations, both sexes, 2012 around the world.
2. Alcohol consumption by per capital consumption (liters) around the world
3. Attitude of population toward foreign visitors: most and least welcoming to foreigners
4. Average daily suicide rate per month around the world
5. Child poverty in developed world
6. Corrupt across the world visualized: countries and territories ranked on perceived public sector corruption in ….

More readings:

The health and chronic diseases of newborn babies depend on the month they are born. The chronic diseases babies will get in the future will not the same of the diseases that adults get the most that month. This is the indicator that the stress puts on the pregnant women will have influence on the fetus and the chronic diseases children will get in the future. Chronic diseases children might get depend on the development of fetus, the stress, the stage of fetus suffering stress, the abilities of parents, the stress after being born the fetus have. It has countless varieties so I hope that science will.
27. Age-standardized death rates due to cardiovascular diseases in 2013 around the world.
28. Age-standardized suicide rates per 100000 populations, both sexes around the world in 2012.
29. Consanguinity (%) around the world
30. Distribution of child and adult mortality around the world.
31. Education index around the world 2009.
32. Gini index or inequality in distribution of and economic wealth among a population around the world.
33. Global gun deaths per 100000 populations around the world.
34. Gross enrolment ratio, primary, gender parity index (GPI) around the world in 2016.
35. Mental disorders span the globe: “Prevalence of mental disorders: anxiety, mood disorders, impulse-control, and substance abuse around the World.
36. Prevalence rates of intimate partner violence by WHO region in 2010.
37. The equality of receiving education between men and women around the world.
38. Worst of all is the “stroke mortality per 100000 populations around the world in 2010”
“Intimate partner violence” The strange people first meet treating well, nicely, kindly and respectfully each other as the independent beings. After hard time of courting they become lovers with the serving heart. Getting married they have assumption of becoming husband and wife. After getting married, what is the hell here! The social assumptions, social paradigms put on them that make the husband has the total right to demand many things from the wife. Even the wife, from the independent being, becomes the possession of the husband. The strange man after getting married, coded by social paradigms become the dictatorial man, he has total right to treat whatever ways he like with his wife - a strange woman previously….
Region; it means one in three women. This is the tipping of the iceberg; we will have to suffer more if we do not eradicate the root.
People in stressed world find drugs like “cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine stimulants, opioids, solvents and inhalants, sedatives” to relief pain and find temporary good state. Let look at “What drugs countries seek treatment for.” And “World Wealth level around the world in every year”
45. What drugs countries seek treatment for
46. World Wealth level around the world in every year
The pattern thinking of human beings can be found in the allocation of their asset on investment, spending, education or buying protective weapon. We will understand the real world we are living because “all in one and one in all”. The spending of United States on military in 2015 was $596.5 Billion that account for 54% of all spending of United State in the year of 2015. All the major areas for stability and development like education, Medicare & health, veteran’s benefits, housing & community, international affairs, energy & environment, science, social security, unemployment & labor, transportation, and food and agriculture was less than the spending on military.
“Do not ask me about the stability and development when people spend major resources on minor military, and spend minor resources on all other major sectors”
Death rate, suicide rate, homicide rate, the percent of gender committed suicide rate, the kind diseases, health problems, teenager’s problems, mental problems, social problems and quality of life are the reflection of the big hidden problem in society.
It is the lack virtue, goodness, kindness and integrity in society. The stress in society…

47. Geographical food environment index in United States
48. Geographical severe house problems in United States
Stress problems, stress diseases belong to the mind so it has illogical patterns. Irrational stress or stress paradox is the best explanation for the American paradox of distributions wealth, health, diseases, social problems, teen problems, mental illnesses and death rate.
They are suffered the outcomes of stress.
Stress come from: lack of love, lack of connection to all other beings, and lack of ability to deal with problems and stressful situations; these lacking lead lack of understanding, lack of compassion, and lack of virtues, characters and integrity. Overtime, people distrust all things, events and news. They live all day in fear, doubt, suspension, frustration. Their mind is full of discontentment, stress, confliction and irritation. Where there is little trust, people start to be the slave of greed, anger and self-centered. Countless problems arise because the mind does not find peace and safe in society. The result is people are exhausted because of useless work like preparing, alerting, suspecting, and accumulating for self-protecting. These people are very weak and hurt inside. Even when the people at home, they does not feel safe let alone higher feelings of happiness. The mind starts to activate destructive stress state to prepare for fight and fight and destroy all others feedback signals or balancing correction. Instead of healing, the minds of stressed people blindly destroy themselves.

67. Hazard distribution and frequency on the world
Food environment index is poorest in less developed areas in American. Astonishingly, the distribution of food environment index seems to contrast with the health index of population. This is the clue that food is not a key factor that influences to the health of people.
The other factor is “severe housing problems” are higher in less developed areas. This is the proof that physical condition living does not influence much to the mental problems, social problems, and health problems as people usually assumed.
Discontentment comes from the fact that children in poverty are severer in the urban areas.
The percent of preventable deaths per 100000 is American is highest with black American, and lowest in Asian American and Hispanic American. This fact may suggest us that Black American are suffered the worst consequences of stress in society, and the Asian and Hispanic are suffered minor consequences of stress in society. Consequences are the combination of the love, connection, stress and ability of the individuals.
January is the month of death, and the trend is increasing year after year. There are seasonal fluctuations in United States deaths. I think it matches with the seasonal stress in United States. Let look at top 10 American children’s health concerns from C.S Mott children’s hospital national poll on children’s health, 2011

Table 23: Top 10 American children’s health concerns, 2011

Top U.S. children’s health concerns
Child health concern % rated as “Big problem” in 2011
1. Childhood obesity, 33%
2. Drug abuse, 33%
3. Smoking and tobacco use 25%
4. Teen pregnancy, 24%
5. Bullying, 24%
6. Internet safety, 23%
7. Stress, 22%
8. Alcohol abuse, 20%
9. Driving accident, 20%
10. Sexting, 20%

Top 10 U.S. Children’s health concerns rated by Hispanics
Health concern, % rated by Hispanics as “Big problem” in 2011
1. Drug abuse, 49%
2. Teen pregnancy, 44%
3. Childhood obesity, 44%
4. Child abuse& neglect, 38%
5. Stress, 38%
6. Driving accident, 37%
7. Bullying, 37%
8. Smoking and tobacco use 35%
9. Internet safety, 34%
10. Sexually transmitted infections, 33%
Source: C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on children’s Health, 2011
Ø County with highest level prevalence of frequent mental distress among United States Adults: 2003 - 2009 is the Southeast United States or urban areas.
Ø Heart disease death rates, 2008 -2010, adults, by county, highest is the Southeast United States or urban areas.
Percentage of people in poverty for the past 12 months, by state in 2011; the 2011 United States poverty average is 15.9 %. The Southeast states have the high percent of people live in poverty. The gap of standard living makes the poor become more discontent and more stressed when they compare with rich people. Arizona has 19% people in poverty, Mississippi with 22.6% people in poverty.
According Huffington Post, people live in urban areas of the southeast America have the healthy life expectancy at age 65 is 13 years or less, whereas, people live other less developed areas have life expectancy at age 65 is higher; some areas with 15 years or more.

Reading this article, the facts show the reader enormously how fragile modern people are! People in the wealthy countries and all over the world are fall to the rhythm of stress on society. There is no direct root causes, stress is the accumulation of countless bad behaviors. Rare anyone can escape form the effect of stress. All people are affected by stress directly or indirectly. Worse of all, the infants, babies, the young, the old, the weak are the most fragile creatures affected first, then all people in society and the whole world will suffered later directly and indirectly. The sages will show the way to get out the spiral of stress.
The South African Stress and Health (SASH) study
By observing, you will see people living in city with lot of facilities do not make them happy if they have discontent mind. Even worse, by comparing with other, discontent mind can fall to extreme stress.
People of South African are more stress than Nigerians are. Perhaps they do not accept or deal well with the problems as Nigerians do. They do not deal well with the poverty and inequality as the Nigerians do. Lack of skills, abilities and discontent mind make them suffer more stress than Nigerian.
Especially, people in cities are lack of connection with people and nature so that they fall to more stressful and mental illness compared with the people in the rural areas.
People and children in cities are better facilitated and fed than the people and children in the rural areas so that they lack some vital skills to deal with stress, people in cities are more stressed and get more mental illness than people live in city. It is the skill, ability and environment have directly and indirectly caused people stressed.
The Western Cape, which has the highest prevalence of common mental disorders, was the first region of South Africa to be colonized and has a high level of urbanization. In contrast, rural provinces generally have lower rates of common mental disorders, with the lowest rates in the Eastern Cape.
South Africa has a relatively high 12-month prevalence of anxiety and mood disorders when compared with the other countries in the World Mental Health Survey. Only Belgium, France, Germany, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Colombia, Lebanon and the USA have higher rates of anxiety disorders than South Africa. And Belgium, Lebanon, Colombia, The Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Israel, New Zealand and the USA have higher rates of mood disorders than South Africa. Hopeful that in the near future, scientists will find out detail the varieties in the cause and effect of stress on people.
Only 1 in 10 Nigerians had a lifetime DSM disorder, compared with 1 in 3 South Africans. Compared with Nigerians, twice as many South Africans had lifetime anxiety disorders, 4 times as many had lifetime mood disorders, and almost 6 times as many had substance use disorders. Reasons for differences in prevalence of mental disorders in high- and low-income countries belong to the varieties stress states in the mind of people.
.A recent study conducted by international research company Bloomberg, ranked South Africa as the second "most stressed out" nation in the world, following Nigeria. El Salvador was ranked third. "High stress levels have been linked to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and can also lead to substance abuse. In severe cases, these problems can lead to a person becoming suicidal," says Viljoen, but if make deeper investigation, people will astonished with the results of stress and the causes of stress that they are making and bearing.
The problem of the rich: substance abuse
Psychiatric illness on the rise: South Africa already has high rates of substance abuse with, for example, alcohol alone being the third-highest contributor to death and disability among citizens, according to a 2014 study published in the South African Medical Journal.
Dominique Stott from the Professional Provident Society, an insurance company for graduate professionals, said: "Rates of major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia seem to be stable but cases of depression and anxiety are certainly escalating." Perhaps, stability in major mental illness is own for the raising high standard of living, healthcare, and insurance so that they can treat the mental illness sooner and better. But the case of depression and anxiety are escalating because these above factors do not have any influence on the poor habitual living, poor cultural living, the stressful life style and the poor abilities of the individuals.

Season of stress, not season of heat and cold
Summer break in United States - Around 10-11 weeks, either from end of May to early August, early June to Mid-August, or the end of June to the day after Labor Day in early September, or late June to the day after Labor Day - depending on region and state.
The death rate in Canada by month from 2007 to 2011 is the same. Whereas the incidents of injury are increased substantially during these months, and the teenage deaths during these months do not reduce as the total death.
During these summer days, just the small fluctuation of the hot temperature below 35 Co degrees can make changes in the number of deaths in developed countries. Temperature with 35 Co degrees is the normal temperature during the summer of people in developing countries in South East Asia, India. And it can be seen as the cool temperature in India and Africa. People in these developing countries usually live with the shortage of electric and water during hot summer.
Lack of the vital things lead them lack of the adaptability with the small changes of temperature. The temperature is not the cause of deaths; perhaps, it is the trigger to worsen the stress of stressed people in western countries.
People died more because of diseases caused by stress despite the fact that the standard of living and healthcare have increased substantially.
Worldwide Facts

Over 80 percent of the world's deaths from heart disease occur in low- and middle-income countries. Stress is the product of poor interaction with too much problems and inequality. These lead to the discontent mind.
Stress is illogical. Mind is irrational.

I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!: He did with the place teach our kids

 Michael Jackson - Heal The World (Official Video)

These can explain for the paradox that the French diet is high in dairy, fats, and red meat, these factors known to increase heart disease risk.
According to Oishimaya Sen Nag from,
The top five countries with the highest rates of heart disease deaths are:
1. Russia
2. Bulgaria
3. Romania
4. Hungary
5. Argentina
The top five countries with the lowest rates of heart disease deaths are:
1. France
2. Australia
3. Switzerland
4. Japan
5. Israel
Rainbow of stress
Because of the difference in the social status, social recognition, social gender advantages, religions, instincts, abilities, talents and skills of different gender so that men and women suffer different stress outcomes spread on the rainbow of stress.
In America, suicide rates with age from 15-24 years old people, number of males committed suicide substantially higher than the number of females.
Nation sport in America caused different fatalities per 100000 students in high school after-school club activities from 1998 to 2007. It depends on the kind of fierce competitive sport or cooperative sport:
Ø “Fatalities per 100000 students are highest in Judo and Rugby”, and lowest in tennis and table tennis.
Ø The sports like basketball, soccer, baseball have the average number of fatalities per 100000 students.
Cancer alarm at the firehouse, is it relate to stress in work? The answer is yes. Let see some clues. Stress in fighting fire is the factors that may multiply the effect of air quality of burning building. No one can imagine how stressful, how horrible, how hard in the battle with fire of firefighters. Firefighters, their friends, the lives of people may die if they make mistake and fail.
During the firefighting, their bodies are surged with the highest level of stress chemicals than the workers of other jobs that rarely anyone can imagine.
The study of Harvard researchers also showed that younger firefighters had more cases of certain types of cancer, such as bladder and prostate, than expected, that chances of lung cancer increased with time spent at fires, and the chances of dying from leukemia increased with the number of fire runs. These may be the indicators of skills, abilities and state of mind of the young firefighters.
Harvard researchers led by postdoctoral fellow Emily Sparer, researchers including students from Harvard and MIT have teamed up with local fire departments to tackle a health care mystery: How does the firehouse itself increase cancer risk among firefighters?
The research showed an elevated rate of cancer diagnoses and deaths for firefighters, mainly for digestive, oral, respiratory, and urinary disease. In addition, firefighters were about twice as likely to develop malignant mesothelioma, a rare cancer related to asbestos exposure.
Heal thyself
There are facts that breast cancer survivors cite in preventing a recurrence. Major contribution to the long-term breast cancer survivors relate to the mind like: positive attitude, diet, healthy lifestyle, exercise, stress reduction, and prayer. All of these factors help to make the people happier, less misery, less stress than normal. These factors make the mind in good state and happy state so that the potential mind will correct the immune system, activate the healing function of the bodies. Human mind and human bodies have the most sophisticated and most effective function of protecting and healing the body that people not yet know.
37. Nature does not answer or revenge human beings
Luckily, nature do not care for human mistakes, human cruelties. Nature is just changing faster owning for the contribution of human beings. The slow space of nature and evolution has created a heaven on earth through billion years. Slow but steady. How miracle in nature that human beings do not know entirely. But one thing I know about the miracle of nature: all sophisticated creatures spices, bugs, flowers, animals, viruses, bacteria, and all the things people see, hear, and touch are the outcomes of revolution of raw materials in nature. Coal, gas, oil and countless residuals, fossils are the remaining of the previous creatures accumulated for billions of years. Human beings, and human world also are the products of nature evolved for billions years. Look at your body and your children’s body: how miraculous are the eyes, ears, intestine systems, heart, kidney, and brain! I am astonished seeing the creatures of nature. I am surprised seeing the wonder of nature. The moment of “Ah”, “Wow”, “Incredible”, “Awesome,” the bright wide opened eyes, and smiling faces cannot enough to describe how miraculous nature and what exactly hidden inside nature?
Unfortunately nature take billions years to create the suitable environment for the development of human beings and temporal creatures. Each time of changing from the one ecosystem to the other ecosystem lead to the massive destruction of all beings. Dinosaurs started and dominated the earth for nearly 200 million years. Human evolution has only started for 65 million years, and history of human beings is only 12000 years. Unfortunately, the changes caused by human being are so enormous that nature start to have some changes: hurricane, earthquake, landslide, storm, eruption volcano, ozone layer, atmosphere, etc…
In 2017, the Hurricane Irma in United States is twice as powerful as every World War II bomb dropped. Hurricane Harvey equal to one million Hiroshima Bombs per Day. We are too fragile and too weak with any changing of nature or ecosystems. If human beings still greedy like before, no one can have an exact answer how long human beings will survive.

Look at the “natural disasters reported from 1900 to 2007” on we can easily draw out some facts: the natural disasters was stable low during 1900- 1940 fluctuated around 10 to 20 disasters a year, but since 1950, the number of disaster have astonishingly soared and reach to 500 natural disasters in 2000. If the natural disaster keeps soaring with this rate in 21st century, billions of people will be the victim of natural changes and no one can warrant the safety of any other people.
Writing this book, a lot of events and crisis happened to the world with unknown causes. Most astonishing one is the two powerful earthquakes struck Mexico in just one month. From CNN, for the second time in two weeks, a powerful earthquake struck Mexico, toppling buildings, cracking highways and killing hundreds of people. The magnitude-8.1 quake struck off Mexico's southern coast on Thursday night; it's been described as the strongest earthquake to hit Mexico since 1932.

Color of the wind: The root of problems 

 Michael Jackson - Earth Song (Official Video) 

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (VIDEO): chorus of the good kids that parents do not know

Fighting at school, work: No love - Eminem 

I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!: He did with the place teach our kids

 Michael Jackson - Heal The World (Official Video)

 What I have done 

Van D. Dao .(october,2017). Awaken You Wonderful We. KDP Amazon.

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